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seafoam tourmaline round solitaire

$ 6,245.00

The color of this "seafoam" tourmaline is really amazing - a bright and refreshing minty green. The cut is a special one too - although the shape is round (with a weight of .99 ct), the cut is a Portuguese cut which has many more facets than a regular round cut, giving it a wonderful display of light. Mined in Afghanistan and purchased through Columbia Gem House (read about their fair trade principles here), this gemstone was cut to make the most of the gorgeous color and light in the stone. 

It is set in a Fairmined™ 18 karat yellow gold bezel with a rounded-diamond shape, with my signature knife-edged band.

This ring is a size 6.5, but can be resized up or down up to two sizes.

(Shown in the second photo on the bottom with the Australian sapphire ring on top and Nigerian green tourmaline ring in the middle.)

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