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We did a photo shoot…and it was so much fun!

Karin Jacobson

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When my marketing/PR specialist (and good friend) Rachael suggested to me that I should have photos for the website of my new collection on a real, live human, I thought, “Of course!” (facepalm) “why didn’t I do that sooner?”  She made the point that it would not only be pretty, but would help people see how the work sits on a body, and help them to envision it on themselves.  And the photos definitely achieved that. 

But what I hadn’t suspected was how it would change the way that I look at the new collection.  After working out the meticulous details on the new line, staring at it from only inches away for many months, I had lost all perspective on the pieces as jewelry - as art to be worn on the body.  They had become miniature sculptures to me, and I love that sculptural aspect of the work, but it made me love them even more to see them on the body, and helped me revisit the excitement I had when I was first conceiving the new project. 

And here on the blog, you get a backstage view of the day:

I hired photographer Jennifer Simonson to do the shoot.  I’ve known her for years (I met her first as a client, and also made her wedding ring!) and have always loved her work, ranging from photojournalism to wedding photography, to her current specialty photographing food.  Her photos are beautiful and I knew she’d be a great match for the project.

Jennifer Simonson photographer

Then I enlisted the help of my dear friend Katy, who generously said yes when I asked her to model.  You don’t get to see her entire face in any photo, since the shots are jewelry close-ups (too bad, because she’s gorgeous, as you can see here), but I think that took the pressure off and made for a less self conscious first modeling gig. (It also worked to give the shots that "it could be you wearing this piece" vibe that we were going for.) Katy was a very good sport and I’d like to thank her publicly for being able to stand so dang still – its not as easy as it looks, y’all. 

Katy models Karin Jacobson Design Jewelry

And finally, my marketing & PR guru Rachael came to help out.  She was the perfect third pair of eyes on the project, and really knows how to hold one of those reflective thingies!  And as she pointed out, she, “excelled at craft services and generally hanging out”.  I concur - she was great fun to have at the shoot, super helpful with styling...and coffee and pastries were enjoyed by all!

Rachael at Karin Jacobson Jewelry photoshoot

I couldn’t have asked for a more fun group of ladies to work with on a Saturday morning. 

Thanks, friends!!

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