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I sit down with A Thousand Facets for an episode of her podcast!

Karin Jacobson

A Thousand Facets is a podcaster, Instagram influencer, and tireless supporter of jewelry artists. I follow her on Instagram because she never fails to find new and fascinating jewelry designers from around the world. And even before I was invited to be a guest on her podcast, I listened religiously because I just love hearing the back stories of other designers. (Another important thing to know about her is that she doesn't get paid to post about artists and she posts to both Instagram and podcasts anonymously - so what she shares is truly what she loves, and not done for either self-promotion or profit.)

I recently visited with A Thousand Facets for an episode of her podcast in which we cover my education, my beginnings as an apprentice jeweler in Minnesota, and how I developed my brand - and you might also hear some fun and surprising facts ... like what I secretly would love to do if I weren't making jewelry. I think you'll enjoy the conversation!

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