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Meet my guest artist Adrienne, from Designs by Adrienne!

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I'm so excited to host my dear friend and talented artisan Adrienne Anderson, who will have leather handbags, totes, bright fabric makeup bags and other accessories at Art-A-Whirl this coming weekend! 

KJ: How did you get started making leather handbags & accessories?
AA: My parents owned an upholstery shop and my mother would save leather and fabric scraps. One year I made a purse for my cousin for her birthday and then some friends saw it and wanted one too. One thing lead to another and in a few months I had a little side business going.

KJ: Tell me a little bit about your day job teaching FACS (Family & Consumer Science) in high school.
AA: I am a FACS teacher at Harding high school in St. Paul where I teach sewing, cooking, child development and independent living. I have to be an expert in a lot of different areas! But sewing is definitely one of my favorite things to teach. Kids love the idea that they can make their own clothes and it's very rewarding as a teacher to see how proud they are when they learn how to sew something.

KJ: You oversee an extracurricular club for students interested in fashion - do you see a lot of interest in careers in fashion?
AA: Yes, definitely. I think most kids like to be creative when given the opportunity, and fashion club gives those kids an outlet to express themselves and have fun

KJ: Who are some of your favorite fashion/accessories designers?
AA: Karin Jacobson!!!
(KJ: Aw, thanks Adrienne!!!)

KJ: I know you've been expanding your collection to include things like smaller makeup bags and other accessories. What will you have at Art-A-Whirl this year?
AA: I will have a selection of leather totes and clutches, fabric make-up bags with zippers, and then my new burp cloths made from heavy duty cloth diapers paired with fun fabrics.

KJ: What is the price range of the collection you will have at Art-A-Whirl?
AA: Burp cloths are 3 for $20, make up bags will be $28-$32, clutches are in the $50 range and totes are in the $130 range.

KJ: Will you take custom orders?
AA: Yes!

KJ: The bright fabrics that line your bags appear to be a signature style of yours. Can you tell me about your fabric choices & how you pair them?
AA: I try to find fabrics that are bright and durable. I'm really into black and white though lately!
(KJ: Ooh...cannot wait to see the new black & white fabrics!)

KJ: What is your current favorite design in this collection?
AA: My favorite is the classic crossover tote with tassels.

designs by adrienne handbag

Visit Designs by Adrienne on Facebook here!

Art-A-Whirl hours are:
Friday, May 20th -  5:00-10:00 p.m.
Saturday,  May 21st -  Noon-8:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 22nd -   Noon-5:00 p.m.

For more information about Art-A-Whirl, visit the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association website.

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