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A Decade of A Thousand Facets

Karin Jacobson capsule collection design process jewelry design sapphires show news

About a year ago, I got a call from the author of the A Thousand Facets Instagram (who prefers to remain anonymous in order to keep the focus on the jewelry designers) - they wanted to know if I'd be willing to participate in a show, hosted by Meeka Fine Jewelry, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of A Thousand Facets. I did not have to think twice. I jumped at the opportunity to participate!

If you're familiar with A Thousand Facets, you know that they feature all kinds of amazing jewelry - I have learned about SO many jewelry designers from their Instagram that I never would have found on my own. And having worked with them and with Meeka in the past, I also knew the process would be well organized and the execution would be flawless! 

The theme of the show would be "Facets" ... of course! I had plenty of time to come up with ideas and wanted to create a special capsule collection that was unlike anything I'd done before. I contemplated the word facets, and thought about light and sparkle ... but how could I do something new with light and sparkle? I came up with the idea of incorporating facets into the metal work in addition to using faceted stones. Have a look below at the result!

*Be sure to check out the video about the collection and the process of making it at the very end!

Facets collection in sterling silver, 18k and 22k gold, montana sapphires and gray spinels. Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design
Here's the full 5 piece collection! An articulated bracelet and earrings; gemmy Montana sapphire hexagon earrings and necklace; and a sculptural ring made with folded hexagons. Shop the collection here!

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design articulated bracelet sapphire spinel
This is a totally new style for me - my Articulated Facets Bracelet is made up of hinged segments with completely unique clasp mechanism! It is sterling silver with 18K and 22K gold, faceted gray spinels and a hexagon shaped faceted Montana sapphire.

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design Faceted Globe Ring
I made this Faceted Globe Ring by folding up hexagons into a sculpted form - you can see the reflections of the gold and sapphire on the inside facets of the ring.

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design Articulated Facets Earrings
My Articulated Facets Earrings have beautiful movement - they have Montana sapphires at the tops and diamond trio clusters at the bottom.

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design Montana Sapphire and spinel earrings
These Hinged Montana Sapphire, Spinel & Diamond Earrings and are made of 18K and 22K gold with sterling silver.

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design Montana Sapphire Spinel and Diamond Necklace at Meeka Fine Jewelry
The final piece of the capsule collection is my Sapphire, Spinel, and Diamond Necklace!
Have a look a video about my process created by the team at Meeka!


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