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Inspirations New and Old in a Sparkly Capsule Collection

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When I was first invited to do a trunk show at Alchemy 925, a contemporary jewelry and fine craft gallery in the Boston suburb of Belmont, Massachusetts, I knew I wanted to create a capsule collection. At solo shows, it’s fun to premiere a new mini-collection within a collection, so I set to work brainstorming.

Karin Jacobson Jewelry at Alchemy 925 in Belmont MA
Alchemy 925 is a fantastic shop with a beautifully curated collection of some of the best art jewelry in the country. I'm delighted and honored to be among the jewelry designers that they carry. If you're ever in the Boston area, be sure to add a stop there to your itinerary!

I had in mind using materials that were appropriate for wedding jewelry (various golds and palladium instead of silver, and stones that were sturdy enough for daily wear), with interesting cuts and colors. With that combination of design elements, they could be a crossover collection; single or stackable rings that featured exciting gemstones, but also could be perfect for a person who wanted a unique and interesting wedding set.

But as I was putting these sets together, they seemed incomplete. As much as I loved the stones and combinations of stones in the stacks, they didn’t quite feel “me” enough. They needed something more - maybe something more...Origami? So I started adding small Origami accent rings, and realized that was the thing they lacked!  With the addition of those organic, oxidized shapes they looked like part of my collection. The gold and gem rings could be worn without the dark accent, but the Petite Origami rings were also small enough for everyday wear. And because they stack, they can be worn in multiple ways - single or in pairs, triples or even sets of four.

Although it was quite different from my original vision, I decided to lean into this new direction and let the stacks take form organically. It was incredibly fun to take my origami shapes and manipulate them into smaller, nesting forms that created dark contrast against the bright gold and gems. 

I love how they are turning out. And I’m getting a great response; both from people who’ve seen them on Instagram and from the customers who saw them at my trunk show (and also the store owners!) which is incredibly gratifying! I’m excited that this group is different from what I’ve been doing lately, yet still fits seamlessly into my larger collection.
Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design Gemmy Origami Ring Capsule Collection
Clockwise from top left - all stacks feature Petite Origami accent rings in oxidized sterling silver:  check out the intricate facets in this California pink tourmaline cut by John Dyer, set in 18k yellow gold; this four band set has one band with a pear cut green sapphire, a second band with two marquise cut white sapphires and a third band with a round yellow sapphire, all set in 18k yellow gold; a three band set with Octagon cut rubellite set in 18k yellow gold and an 18k yellow gold twist ring; and finally a round green sapphire surrounded by tiny Canadian diamonds set in 14k white gold.
Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design Gemmy Origami Rings Capsule Collection
Clockwise from top left - all stacks feature Petite Origami accent rings in oxidized sterling silver: baguette cut green tourmaline set in 14k green gold; trillion cut Malaya garnet set in 14k rose gold, with twist band in 14K rose gold; marquise cut pink tourmaline set in 18k yellow gold; pear cut blue zircon set in 14k white gold with double marquise cut white sapphires, also in 14k white gold.
It was so much fun to create this capsule collection and debut it at my trunk show at Alchemy 925. And bonus, I got to spend the weekend perusing the other amazing jewelry and hanging out with the fabulous gallery owners, Munya and Kirsten!

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