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Inspiration Galore: My Favorite Jewelry Blogs and Instagrammers

Karin Jacobson inspiration jewelry design

Working in a design field means being on the lookout for inspiration all the time, everywhere I go, and in just about everything I see. Luckily, my brain is a happy little inspiration sponge that soaks up jewelry ideas from nature, art, and even casual conversations with friends. Of course, I also pore over jewelry-focused social media accounts to ponder unusual gem/metal pairings, construction techniques, and design trends. As I’ve mentioned before, I absorb this inspiration carefully since I’d never want to inadvertently mimic a colleague’s designs! But dang, I sure do love to feast my eyes on the dazzling creations that other designers (and jewelry devotees) admire and promote.

Here’s a roundup of some of my all-time favorite jewelry blogs, Instagram accounts, and beautifully curated stores and galleries.

My can’t-miss jewelry blogs

A Thousand Facets: Some of the best jewelry eye-candy around! Now nearly eight years old, this Instagram account has highlighted the work of more than 1,400 jewelry designers from around the world. The account strives to give small, independent designers a platform to showcase their work. Now that’s a mission I can get behind. (Be sure to check out their Instagram account, too!)  

Diamonds in the Library: This gorgeous and impeccably written blog showcases fine jewelry, delves into jewelry design history, shares photography tips, and posts sale notices for both famed and little-known lines. As the “library” part of the title indicates, blogger Becky Stone also shares book reviews and recommended reading. I adore everything she posts!

The Adventurine: A site that explores multiple aspects of jewelry wearing, owning, and ogling, The Adventurine offers peeks into design history, stories on celebrity jewels, and reports from recent jewelry auctions.

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design Favorite Instagram Feeds
Clockwise from top left: A Thousand Facets showing off the candy-like gems of Petra Class; a pair of opal earrings that I created for Fire and Forge - an opal show curated by A Thousand Facets; earrings by She Bee Jewelry posted by Diamonds in the Library; crocodile necklace by Cartier in the Adventurine's Instagram feed

Jewelry-centric Instagram accounts I adore

CJDG: The Contemporary Jewelry Design Group is a fantastic nonprofit that works to promote American jewelry designers and their innovative works. The group’s Instagram highlights all styles from classic to avant-garde to organic to minimalist.

Goldsmith’s Fair: Although this account exists to promote a UK-based annual showcase of jewelry, the artful images will spark inspiration for designers and wearers alike! Nearly everything posted is in the modern, boundary-pushing realm, but a few classic designs pop up now and then.

Cheryl Kremkow: This amazing lady has helmed several venerable jewelry industry publications, and now runs both this stellar Insta and the blog Gem Obsessed. Both are worth peeping, but her Instagram account includes exquisite images of gem-heavy designs. If you love colorful adornments, you’ll want to follow Cheryl!

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design Instagram Feeds to Follow
Clockwise from top left: CJDG showcasing a stunning platinum, diamond and blue topaz cocktail ring by Cornelia Goldsmith; silver, gold, and aquamarine ring by Mark Nuell; fabulous and tactile piece by Emmeline Hastings shown by Goldsmith's Fair; ombré sapphires cast in gold by Polly Wales on Cheryl Kremkow's feed

Stores that have exceptional Instagram feeds

Max’s Jewelry: A local Twin Cities institution, Max’s offers a mind-blowing selection of fine jewelry from established names and up-and-comers. (The shop also sells mouth-watering chocolates!) Delicate shapes and pretty pave abound. The shop’s Insta is fabulous.

Pistachios: If you love modern shapes and unusual materials, be sure to check out this Chicago-based store. Innovative, sculptural designs are the norm, and Pistachios is dedicated to promoting cutting-edge designers from all over the world. More great images on their Insta.

Aaron Faber Gallery: This fabulous New York City Gallery showcases talented U.S. and global contemporary jewelry designers, and also boasts a massive collection of vintage watches and timepieces. They regularly curate group exhibitions, many of them based on specific gems or themes. “Pearls Redefined” is currently showing, and features some of my own designs!  The gallery’s Instagram offers a great mix of modern jewelry and vintage watches.

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design Instagram Feeds to Follow
Clockwise from top left: statement bracelets by Annie Fenterstock at Max's Jewelry; necklace by Polish goldsmith Jacek Byzcewski at Pistachios; a selection of aquamarine jewelry at Aaron Faber Gallery; a selection of pearl jewelry for "Pearls Redefined" at Aaron Faber Gallery

I’m always on the lookout for more jewelry-related social media accounts to follow. Got any others to share? Let me know in the comments!

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