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Playing with Pearls for a Gallery Show at Aaron Faber

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Allow me to geek out for a moment, if you would: I am over-the-moon excited to be participating in the “Pearls Redefined” show at Aaron Faber Gallery in New York! Mainly because it’s the best jewelry gallery in Manhattan and one that does a stellar job of highlighting contemporary designer jewelry. It’s an honor to be invited to join a downright impressive roster of artists—including Barbara Heinrich, Petra Class, and Keiko Mita— for this group exhibition.

Exploring pearls and oxidized silver

When the gallery first reached out to me at the American Craft Show in Baltimore, the curator said, “We were planning to ask if you’d like to participate, but see that you don’t have any current work with pearls. Would you still be interested?” To which I nearly shouted, “Yes! Of course! I’d love the chance to incorporate pearls into some new designs.”

The instant she left my booth, the wheels started turning inside my head. I knew that the luminous whites of pearls would look absolutely spectacular paired with oxidized black sterling and my signature big organic shapes. And, as it happened, my favorite pearl dealer was at ACC too, so I picked out a few stunners right then and there.

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design pearls for the Aaron Faber pearl show
Here are some of the new pearls I picked up in Baltimore. I'm ready to get started designing!

New pieces and a new direction

I had a total blast coming up with these pieces, riffing off some of my favorite shapes and customizing the designs to suit the colors and textures of the pearls. I love how the lustre of these gems reflects both the coolness of the oxidized silver and the warmth of the gold accents.  And I’m thrilled to discover that my jewelry does, in fact, look fabulous with pearls!

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design pearls for the Aaron Faber pearl show
Clockwise from top left: Peony Bud Pendant with rose pearl; Pearl Drop Earrings with diamond clusters; Double Anise Fold Pendant with button pearl and diamond; Double Cloud Fold Ring with button pearls; & Kirigami Anise Earrings with diamonds and pearl drops.

It turns out that I like working with pearls so much that I plan to add them to my regular collection. I’ll have a few more pearl pieces ready for the American Craft Show in St. Paul later this month, so swing by and pick one out for yourself!

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design pearls for the Aaron Faber pearl show
We've been having an especially wintery April here in Minnesota (it's blizzarding as I write this). So last week in a desperate attempt to feel like spring will actually arrive eventually, I picked up a huge bouquet of flowers for my studio. They not only cheered me up, but were lovely props for my new pearl pieces!  Happy Spring, everyone!

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