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Living Coral - Opening September 28 at Alchemy 9.2.5

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I was delighted to get an invitation to participate in the Living Coral show at Alchemy 9.2.5 - a beautiful jewelry gallery in Belmont, Massachusetts.

karin jacobson jewelry design at alchemy 9.2.5
Here I am at Alchemy 9.2.5 for my trunk show last fall!

Here's how they describe the the show:
In celebration of the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral, ALCHEMY 9.2.5 is presenting an exclusive month-long show featuring new work from fifteen artists that embraces this exuberant, joyful and nourishing color. According to Pantone, Living Coral is "an animating and life-affirming hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge." 

My first question when starting the project, of course, was what gemstone to use to represent Living Coral? Luckily, a while back, I created a custom necklace for a client who wanted rhodochrosite - a gem which comes in a variety of reds and pinks ... and in beautiful corals! My client opted for more of a reddish colored stone for the custom necklace, but in my gem search I also picked up a gorgeous striated rhodochrosite that just happened to be perfect for the project.

Seeing the layers in this stone makes me feel like I'm looking back through geological time!
The necklace is oxidized sterling silver and 14k rose gold with rhodochrosite and a recycled diamond.

And then, when I was in Las Vegas for the Premier Show, I was able to visit the same gem dealer and get this absolutely stellar matching pair of rhodochrosites for earrings. 

karin jacobson jewelry rhodochrosite earrings Living Coral Show
And how about these pretty coral-colored wonders with hints of white and orange? Don't you just love these gemstones?! 
The earrings are also sterling, 14k rose gold, rhodochrosite and recycled diamonds.

But one of my favorite things about these pieces was actually the backs! I decided to have some fun with the back side of the design and create patterns in the rose gold setting.

With such pretty stones, you really have to feature the back side as well!!

So for all of you in the Boston area, or anyone planning to be there in the next month, be sure to a stop at Alchemy 9.2.5 - the show runs from September 28 - October 31!

PS. If you would like to see some rough rhodochrosite crystals, check out this blog post from my visit to the Harvard Museum of Natural History where I had a fabulous time seeing gemstone specimens! (In a fun coincidence, I was able to visit when I was in Boston & Belmont for a trunk show at Alchemy 9.2.5 last fall!) 

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