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What's in My Jewelry Box - A Peek at My Collection

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In previous posts, I’ve had a lot of fun showing off the jewelry that I’ve created. But one of the great joys of going to shows and meeting other designers is getting a chance to see and own some of their beautiful creations as well. Now it’s time to show off some jewelry by friends and colleagues. 

Here are a few faves from some Minnesota designers:

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design Personal Collection

Clockwise from top left: a few sterling pieces from now Brooklyn based Minneapolis native Nick Lundeen - the bracelet and ring are textured from being cast in cuttlefish bones - how cool is that?; fun kinetic hoops in lightweight titanium from Danny Saathoff - Danny is also a sculptor and you can really see it in his jewelry; Feather earrings from Betty Jäger and Skeletal Raven necklace by Susan Elnora (from Minnesota and now in Virginia) are in my regular rotation.  I don't always wear them together - but they do look great that way!; and love my LOOP earrings from Dottir Jewelry when I want a clean, modern look.

...and even more Minnesota makers (or at least former Minnesotans).

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design Personal Collection
Clockwise from top left: I wear beaded earrings by Rubinski Works when I want swingy movement and a big splash of color; I love how cleverly made these earrings by Tova Lund (now in California) are - she uses folds and tabs instead of soldering; I so totally fell for  these Sugar Skull Rings from Marisa Martinez's Calavera Collection that I had to buy two (!!) and now they are friends; statement earrings by Wazo Design's Lindsay Locatelli (now in Colorado) - perfect when you want people to notice your earring game!

Are all of the designers in my collection from Minnesota? Oh, no ... of course not!

I love these all white powder coated silver earrings by Ashley Buchanan that look like strands of pearls; and these edgy earrings with real snake vertebrae and cast sterling twigs by Anna Johnson. (I got to meet Anna when she was teaching a class at the Findings Symposium in Grand Marais, MN.)

Now that I see everything together, a pattern is making itself clear - there are mostly earrings. I guess I'm a big earring person!

...and speaking of big earrings...

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design Personal Collection
These enamel and bead stunners from Seventh & Stone are the most recent addition to my collection!

She's my dear friend and "show wife" (because I usually shack up with her in Baltimore when we do the American Craft Show) - Rachel Atherley also just happens to be one of my favorite designers! I have three pairs of her earrings ... and about 10 more on my wish list!!

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design Personal Collection
Clockwise from top left: My fabulous collection of Rachel Atherley earrings; Adam giving a thumbs up to Caviar earrings for our anniversary date night; sadly, I don't actually own these blue Kyanite Feather earrings, but I got to try them on when I was at Alchemy 9.2.5 for a trunk show - and now I just wish for them; and my sweet little gold Cat Fang earrings. 

And finally, one of my most prized possessions is my George Sawyer Wabi Sabi bracelet, given to me by my husband Adam. George has been a mentor to me in addition to being one of the most innovative designers out there, so the bracelet has extra special meaning. I loved the bracelet when I tried it on at George's studio, and Adam surprised me with it out of the blue ... over pizza one evening at one of our favorite restaurants! What a great guy!!

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Personal Collection
Here's a closeup of my Wabi Sabi bracelet which I wear most days. I just can't get over how lovely it is! Shown with it is one of George's much earlier Mokume Gane rings, which I bought at a sample sale when I was still in college! (Lucky me to get it when gold was a LOT less expensive!!) And on the right, my new bracelet the night Adam gave it to me over pizza and wine. :)

I am one lucky person to have assembled so many fun pieces by fantastic designers! And with a whole lot of artists whose work I love (and have yet to own), I certainly plan to keep adding to my collection!

Who are your favorite designers?

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