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Once in a Blue Moon: A New Design Challenge from Aaron Faber

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I’m over the moon (pun intended) to be featured in another show at the Aaron Faber Gallery in New York. This show is titled Once in a Blue Moon, and it features moonstones and other blue gemstones. As a longtime fan of sapphires and aquamarine, being invited to do this show really got my creative juices flowing. The show runs from April 18 to May 25, 2019, and also includes such luminaries as Biyang Qiu, Atelier Zobel, So Young Park, and Tom & Jutta Munsteiner.

When I was invited to participate while in Baltimore for the American Craft Show, I immediately said yes ... but knew I’d have to start designing right away when I got home. But before that, my husband Adam and I were going on vacation to Hawai’i! So while I was there soaking up the sun, I started contemplating the blue stones I already had back home at my studio (sapphires and aquamarine), which stones I’d need to buy (moonstones), and what I’d like to make with them. I did some searching for moonstones with a few of my regular gemstone suppliers, and some sketching … but mostly let my mind wander and contemplate the color blue!

A few of my favorite, most inspirational Hawai'ian blues!

When I got home, I went right to work, as planned. I wanted to do something big, and needed to start my first piece with one of the stones from my collection, so I chose this gorgeous iceberg of an aquamarine. 

Here's a large rough top aquamarine and a few smaller rough Montana sapphires.  Love these blues!! 💙

I’d been having a lot of fun with my stacking rings that combined colored stones and Petite Origami Stacking rings, so I decided to turn this rough aquamarine into a set of stacking rings.

I made an 18k yellow gold setting for the aquamarine. Next to it is a Petite Hyacinth accent ring in oxidized sterling silver.

I also wanted to incorporate a collection of rough Montana sapphires that I’d been hoarding for a while. They come in such a gorgeous variety of blues and blue-greens, so they were perfect for this design challenge! Plus I really wanted to create something over-the-top for this show, so I decided to use eight of them in a dramatic pair of dangly earrings, which also includes some bright diamonds and my signature origami folds.

I made 22k yellow gold bezels for the sapphires, and used 18k yellow gold for the diamonds and French wires, paired with oxidized sterling for the origami folds.

Next I set out to create a brooch, since I’m trying to include more of these versatile pieces in my line. I went for a simple stick-pin style with one larger Montana sapphire in a deep, rich blue-green hue. I love how this gem looks like the ocean on an overcast day.

I think the Montana sapphire has the same color and texture of churning water on a stormy day.

Of course, I also wanted to include some of the show’s signature gems - moonstones! While working on these first sapphire and aquamarine pieces, I’d been searching some of my regular suppliers for moonstones, and in particular rainbow moonstones which have a rich, iridescent glow. And I found some stunning ones!

These earrings mix my matte black signature origami elements with lustrous clusters of moonstones. I’m loving the overall effect of this juxtaposition!

These rainbow moonstones have such a gorgeous glow ... they are just full of life!

And finally for the pendant, I’ve mixed a smaller origami shape with this giant pear-shaped rainbow moonstone for a dramatic effect! Imagine this piece worn with a low-cut neckline or a simple black dress.

So. Much. Drama. I love this big milky moonstone with electric blue flashes!

Just like last year for the Pearls Redefined show, forcing myself to work within the parameters of the show made me explore new design themes that I’m eager to incorporate into future work! And I’ve re-discovered moonstones, which I think work beautifully in my collection. These shows at Aaron Faber are a great source of inspiration, and I’m so honored to have my work featured!

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