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Shoulder-duster Earrings: Why I Love This Current Trend

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This season has brought forth a trend that I love: Shoulder-dusters! These dramatic, extra-long earrings are equally fantastic worn with casual and dressy outfits, and look good on absolutely everyone. They peek out subtly from long, voluminous hairstyles and add attitude to pixies and shorter cuts. Plus they draw attention to shoulders and collarbones, some of the sexiest bits we’ve got!

In the market for a pair of shoulder-duster earrings for yourself? I just happen to have a few stunners in my own collection:

Long & Simple: Hinged Twist Earrings with 18K yellow gold edge

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design Hinged Twist Earrings
Curious about the trend but not quite ready for 5-inch sparkly chandelier earrings? This minimalist (with a twist) pair is both elegant and edgy. Measuring 2.5” and also available in plain oxidized sterling.

With beautiful blue-green Australian opals and diamonds: Opals with Twist Drops

Black Opal Long Twist Earrings
All it takes to upgrade from minimalist to maximalist is a couple of bright diamonds nestled beneath two knockout opals. This pair is 3" long. (This particular pair has sold, but I've got more similar opals to choose from!)

Asymmetry: Custom made with a client’s yellow diamonds

Custom Twist Earrings with yellow pear shaped rose cut diamonds
 This recent project was a commission from a client, and I wrote about the design process right here. I loved creating these long, elegant, asymmetric earrings! (Can’t sell you this exact pair, but if you’d like me to design something similar for you, please reach out.)

Double dangly rough Montana sapphire and recycled diamond: Iceberg Earrings

Montana Sapphire Iceberg Earrings with double twist dangles and diamonds
One of the most appealing things about shoulder-dusters is MOVEMENT. Long, dangly earrings sway as the wearer moves, which adds energy and allure. This pair is 2.5" long and has two twisted spikes that twirl beautifully, asymmetrically set diamonds, and eye-catching rough Montana sapphires.

Super statement earrings with Arizona peridot and diamonds: Kirigami Fan Earrings

Kirigami Fan Earrings with arizona peridot and diamonds
Of course, if you want both volume and length, I’ve got you covered! These peridot-and-diamond danglers are 3" long, and sure to turn heads. (These can currently be found at De Novo, in Palo Alto, CA.)

Designed for the Pearl Show at Aaron Faber - Kirigami Fold Earrings with Pearl Drops

Double Anise Fold Origami with diamonds and pearl drops
I created this glorious pair for the Pearls Redefined show in spring of 2018, and I’m still in love with them. Just imagine these with a raw silk cocktail dress … or even a distressed denim jacket and white tee. Bold but versatile.

 The longest of them all: Japanese screen inspired Plum Blossom Earrings

Karin Jacobson Jewelry Design plum blossom earrings with opals and pink sapphires
A summer trip to the Minneapolis MIA inspired this epically long pair (3.5" long), crafted from opals and pink sapphires. Wouldn’t you love to have these knockouts dusting YOUR shoulders?

Trends can be intimidating and odd, exclusive and challenging … but occasionally we get one like shoulder-duster earrings that has near-universal appeal. Will you be wearing this trend in the months to come?

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